Gierach/Best Special Tapers

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The Special Taper rods were originally designed in conjunction with outdoor writer John Gierach and writer/fly tier A.K. Best. The 8'6", 2 tip, 5 weight has a quick, tippy action that handles distance casting well and still cushions long, light tippets. This is a good all-around rod that will handle anything from small dry flies and nymphs to medium sized streamers. The 8'6", 2 tip, 6 weight has a faster action, but for a slightly heavier 6 weight line. John and A.K. have fished these rods extensively for a number of years and they both swear by them. So many customers have asked to have rods just like them that they have evolved into standard models. The Special Taper Rods are available with the usual choice of custom options, in 2 or 3-piece construction, and are inked "Gierach, Best Special Taper" on the blank.

Gierach, Best Special Taper, aka GBST

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