Granger Registry Background

There are 69 Granger Registered Rods located to date.

Excerpt From The Book Colorado Classic Cane by Dick Spurr and Michael Sinclair:

"The Granger Registered rod was the epitome of the rod makers craft in Colorado, and the one model that represents all three major Colorado companies. The Registered rod was designed by Bill Phillipson, produced first by Goodwin Granger Company and later by Wright & McGill Rod Company. The special features that set the Registered rods apart from all others include a serial number on each rod, white trim wraps at both ends of the black wraps, a chrome plated internal uplocking reel seat rather than the normal nickel silver type, and a hook keeper. They were the only Granger rods fitted by the factory with a hook keeper. The serial numbers ran consecutively from the first one built until they were discontinued in 1953. The first four digits of each serial number are the year the rod was built and the remaining numbers are the chronological numbers of the rod; numbering did not start over each year. No company records exist of exactly how many Registered rods were manufactured, but based on serial numbers of rods we have inspected, it appears fewer than 400 were built. Each rod came in a black bag and a black tube with an inscribed medallion attached to the tube. The tubes for the Registered rods were aluminum for all years except 1942, when World War II forced a switch to plastic tubes."

It is the position of Colorado Classic Cane author Michael Sinclair that if it's not in the catalog, it's not original. However, he cautions that the catalogs are a tool for us to use as a snapshot of their business at that time. As we find inconsistencies in the Registered Rods listed, Mr. Sinclair notes that there may have been many unusual favors for special customers.

I hope you enjoy the information that I've been able to assemble. If you own or have first hand knowledge of Serial Numbers not listed here, please contact me and I would be glad to include it in the Registry.

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