Cutthroat Custom Nets

By Trevor Young, Colorado

Handcrafted, unique wooden landing nets with assorted exotic wood species, made right here in Colorado.

WILLOW MODEL Dimensions: Frame 10"x16" with 14" deep net.
ALPINE MODEL Dimensions: Frame 14"x17" with 14" deep net.

Models and Wood Species Shown in Picture Captions

Your Choice $170

Custom Handle Inlay available; please call for designs, price, and availability.


Hand.WormyMapleLaceWenge.HoopCurleyMaple.JPG Handle Wormy Maple.Hoop Curly Maple.JPG Hand.WormyMapleWalnut.HoopCurlyMapleWalnut.jpg Handle Lacewood.Wormy Maple. Wenge.Hoop Curly Maple.jpg Hand.Lace.CurMaple.Walnut.Sepele.HoopWhiteOak.jpg Hand.Walnut.BEMaple.HoopCurMapleWalnut.jpg (7)WILLOW HAND BEM HOOP OAK WALNUT.JPG